Tapestry Crochet

The art of Crochet.

Tapestry Crochet

I want to share with you one of my favorite crafts, “Tapestry Crochet”.

I was very little when my aunt taught me the art of crochet, since then I’ve always found the spare time for doing something new or trying new patterns. This makes me very happy and is a wonderful way to unwind and relax.


By Tanenhaus Source:Flickr IMG_0828b.jpg

Tapestry crochet is a colorful technique, very detailed and usually utilizes lots of rich colors in their pattern designs, most of them ethnic or symbolic.

This versatile way of crochet is working out for women and men as well. 


The history of tapestry crochet takes us all around the world, we can find tapestry crochet artists in Guatemala, (Central America country), in Morocco, (North of  Africa), Tibet etc. to name a few, but in Colombia, (South America), I have found  a tribe called Wayuu that makes the most amazing and colorful bags that you could imagine.

You can find more about the Wayuu people in here.


There is plenty of useful information online about this art, with lots of patterns and beautiful pictures so if you are interested in trying something new and challenging, why not try one of these tutorials that I have found and give them a go. 

Here you have some good sites to look into.






Do you like this unique and marvelous technique? If you do, share with me your ideas and knowledge and if you have done some tapestry crochet, send me your pictures and I will post them.


See you soon!

Colleen Brent. 


2 thoughts on “Tapestry Crochet

    • Cakealicious Cakes

      Hi, I am happy to hear about your interest in crochet. It’s nice to see more men learning how to crochet and yes, I saw “Chili Philly” in Instagram he is a very talented man with cool crochet ideas!


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