More Cakealicious’ Sweet Things

Hi, everybody I hope you all fill wonderful this lovely morning!

Cakealicious Cakes can make your special occasion easy for you.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you the special party’s requirements.

Are you planning a child party for a 20 guest?, (this number is just an example),  we can organize for you the party presentation with your selected theme.

This package includes:

  • The selected theme cake, for a boy or a girl,
  • 20 cupcakes,
  • 20 mini lollipop cakes,
  • 20 plates,
  • and 100 paper serviettes matching the party theme too.

Here you can find all our differents packages and options.

You do not need to feel anxious about the special party, just decorate with balloons, and have fun with your little one.

Call me now and grab the offer!  You are more than welcome to share with us your ideas and comments and with your friends too.


See you in my shop.

Love Colleen xx




2 thoughts on “More Cakealicious’ Sweet Things

  1. Amanda

    Hi Marcela
    Can you please delete my above comment and I will write another one, I have recieved clarification as to what kind of comments we are supposed to write and we are not supposed to give feedback on how to make the blog better – sorry about that 🙂


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