Cakealicious Cakes’ Sweet Things

Cakealicious Cakes’ Sweet Things

It is a beautiful morning here in Dunedin

Hello, everybody! This morning I came up with an awesome idea, let’s celebrate our new Cakealicious Cakes’ shop opening with all our friends.

For this reason, in June, I am offering to you 25% off in all our children cakes,  and baby shower special party cakes.

Hurry up, do not miss this opportunity and celebrate with us!

Here in Cakealicious Cakes, our special and very talented bakers are preparing different packages for you to choose.

For girls, you can choose between Princess, fairyland or superheroes themes.

For boys, you can choose between pirate, Lego, Star Wars, or superheroes themes.

If your child has a special dietary requirement, for example, lactose intolerance, just call us, we can make this special cake and it will be delicious too!

You can select from a variety of different flavors.

Cakealicious Cakes has in store:

  • Chocolate and Vanilla Cake.
  • Strawberry Flavour Cake.
  • Strawberry and Creme Cake.
  • Orange and Creme Flavour Cake.
  • Vanilla Flavour Cake.
  • Red Velvet and Vanilla Flavour Cake.
  • Vanilla and Caramel Flavour Cake.

And much more! 



We can make this special occasion easy for you.

Click here for more details in my next post.

See you in my shop.

Love Colleen xx



4 thoughts on “Cakealicious Cakes’ Sweet Things

  1. Rachel Pooch

    Hi Colleen
    Congratulations on your cake shop opening. I am looking to order a celebration cake for my daughters upcoming graduation. She is very much into Lego and received a distinction award for construction using Lego blocks. I see in your post you only do Lego cakes for boys. Would it be possible to come in and see the designs you have for a girl? We also follow a vegan lifestyle, are you able to accommodate for this?


    • Cakealicious Cakes

      Hi Rachel, Thanks for your comments.
      We can design a Lego cake for your daughter’s graduation, you are more than welcome to come any day and see the designs we have in store and taste some of our vegan recipes.
      See you soon,


  2. Colleen's Cakealicious Cakes

    Hi there, wow 25% discount! that makes me want to pass it on. Would have loved a hyperlink in that text to go directly to your discount page, or specials page, so I could send it to my friends who are planning some parties. Would also love to visit the shop, or even give you a call, so a map, or address, maybe a link to your contact page would also be really helpful to save scrolling back up. And a phone number would be really helpful too. Love how it was to the point and not too wordy, made it personal. Love the flavours, there always enticing, and looking forward to more details in your next blog post.


    • Cakealicious Cakes

      Hi there, thanks for your comments, you are right about it some links will be useful! I made some updates, hope this help.
      Thanks for your suggestion.


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