Cakealicious Cakes’ Sweet Things

Cakealicious Cakes’ Sweet Things

It is a beautiful morning here in Dunedin

Hello, everybody! This morning I came up with an awesome idea, let’s celebrate our new Cakealicious Cakes’ shop opening with all our friends.

For this reason, in June, I am offering to you 25% off in all our children cakes,  and baby shower special party cakes.

Hurry up, do not miss this opportunity and celebrate with us!

Here in Cakealicious Cakes, our special and very talented bakers are preparing different packages for you to choose.

For girls, you can choose between Princess, fairyland or superheroes themes.

For boys, you can choose between pirate, Lego, Star Wars, or superheroes themes.

If your child has a special dietary requirement, for example, lactose intolerance, just call us, we can make this special cake and it will be delicious too!

You can select from a variety of different flavors.

Cakealicious Cakes has in store:

  • Chocolate and Vanilla Cake.
  • Strawberry Flavour Cake.
  • Strawberry and Creme Cake.
  • Orange and Creme Flavour Cake.
  • Vanilla Flavour Cake.
  • Red Velvet and Vanilla Flavour Cake.
  • Vanilla and Caramel Flavour Cake.

And much more! 



We can make this special occasion easy for you.

Click here for more details in my next post.

See you in my shop.

Love Colleen xx



Cakealicious Cakes’ Toppers

Cakealicious Cakes’ Toppers

Hi, everybody, it is a nice afternoon in town and the team at Cakealicious Cakes has news to share with you.

Today I knew one of the most talented sugarcraft artists that I have never met before.

Her name is Jenny Willoughby, [link to her Facebook page] and she is from the lovely town of Middleford in England. She won several international awards and is a proud and active member of the Royal Cake and Sugar Craft Academy of England [link to the website], one of the most highly recognized in England and in Europe as well. 

 Jenny arrives at New Zealand one month ago and her plans are to travel all around the country making presentations in differents towns and talking about the new trends in cake design and decorations, for the Cakealicious Cakes‘ team is an honor to have such a talented and creative representative of the sugar art and decoration industry.

Jenny with her unique and modern techniques will amaze you and all Cakealicious Cakes’ sweet lovers. 

In my extensive career of nearly 20 years of working in the bakery industry here in New Zealand and overseas too, I met a few of them. I can tell you! 

She is amazing in the art of making sugar cake toppers and clay dough toppers, especially for weddings cakes but she can personalize just for you any kind of design and always maintains special attention to detail.

I am very happy to introduce her products in my shop and offering this option to you. Contact me if you have an inquiry.

You can see some of her cake toppers here.

If you want to celebrate a fairy style tea party with your friends, try one of her little elves, they are playful and fun, and you will enjoy them too. 


I know, you will love them just like I do.

See you in my shop.

Love Colleen xx